What is Fleet Management?

At HAWK we offer the service of undertaking all operative administration aspects of your corporate fleet of vehicles.

For a nominal monthly fee per vehicle, our Fleet Management executives will :

  • maintain records of vehicle insurance policies and renewals;
  • maintain records of vehicle licenses and expiry dates;
  • maintain daily vehicle logistics records;
  • maintain and procure best maintenance & servicing vendors for vehicle maintenance and servicing;
  • procure and/or allocate replacement vehicles for any vehicles out of commission;
  • maintain and update changes of vehicle purchases/sales;
  • maintain all fuel consumption records and charges, consumables and other vehicle auxiliaries;
  • maintain all records and charges of tunnel autotoll discs, traffic offences and fines;
  • ensure prompt settlement of traffic fines;
  • present monthly/quarterly Reports to company Management on all matters pertaining to the fleet.

Why Opt for Fleet Management?

1.  Company administration staff can therefore be deployed to focus on core business activities

2.  Save on unnecessary time wasting activities concerning the company’s transportation modus operandi

3.  Cost savings on fuel costs; maintenance & servicing costs; vehicle insurance cover costs

4.  Let Hawk take on your burdens and hassles involved with controlling and maintaining your company’s vehicles.